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 2023 - 2024 REC&U Before and After School Leaders and Site Coordinators
Must be creative, energetic, and hard-working. Complete an employment application below and submit electronically to the Park District or drop it off at the Park Office. Questions? Call Nick at 317-831-7149.

NOW HIRING! Do you know a college student taking classes virtually, a parent needing a few extra $, or someone who enjoys working with children? WE NEED YOU!!

5 locations are available. Neil Armstrong (Before, After & Site Coordinator)

Newby (Before, After & Site Coordinator)

North Madison (Before & After)

Northwood (Before & After)

Waverly (Before, After & Site Coordinator)

6:15 am - 8:45 am ($14.00 per hour - Before School Shift)

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm ($12.00 per hour - After School Shift)

OR work BOTH Shifts!

Pay Rate: SITE COORDINATOR  $16.00 per hour

To apply, download an application (below), call the Park Office at (317) 831-7149, or email Nick at