RECU Before & After School Care

RECU is the before and after school program offered on-site at each of the elementary schools in the Mooresville Consolidated School District. We focus on the strengths of individuals through recreation, enrichment and community involvement. Activities include homework help, recreation, crafts, enrichment activities, sports and games, computer lab, science, reading, and more!  Snack is provided in the afternoon.

How do I contact my child's RECU program

Each RECU site has a cell phone for emergency use. If you have an emergency or anticipate being late (after the 6pm closing) please call your site phone.

Please note: Some locations do not have great signal inside building, so please leave a message if our staff does not answer.

Neil Armstong Elementary- (317) 835-1210

Newby Memorial Elementary (765) 341-6697

North Madison Elementary - (317) 626-8780

Northwood Elementary - (317) 935-1199

Waverly Elementary - (317) 847-2359



Registration Info

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year begins July 13 @ 8am online and in the Park Office.

Individuals with an outstanding balance across any program or rental will not be able to register or attend the program. Please check your Community Pass account to ensure that your child will be able to attend.

What information do I need during enrollment?

Most information will be on your Community Pass account, however, during enrollment you will be asked for basic information about your child (medical, photo authorization, etc).

After registering for RECU, if your child qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunches, you will need to send a copy of your child's qualification letter (available on the Mooresville School's Skyward system) to Stacy Freeman. A new qualification letter is need each school year.  Applications for Free and Reduced Lunch are through the Mooresville Schools and open for application around July 10. Individuals without current qualification letters on file will be charged the Tier 1 (full price) rate for RECU.


Is there an enrollment fee?

Yes, there is a nonrefundable enrollment fee of $25 per child per school year due at the time of enrollment.


What kind of Financial Assistance do you offer?

The REC&U Fee Structure utilizes a sliding scale based on qualification for the USDA Free & Reduced Lunch Program.

Qualification for the Free & Reduced Lunch program is through the Mooresville Schools and opens around July 10. 

Your qualificaiton letter must be sent to Stacy Freeman at in order to apply the reduced rate. A new qualification letter is required each school year.


View instructions on how to print off your Eligibility Letter here

Will spots fill up?

Registration capacity is different at each elementary school based on facility sapce and staffing. We are anticipating some schools to fill.

A waiting list is will be utliized once capacity has been reached. As spots become available, individuals on the waiting list will be contacted from the beginning of the list until the spot is filled.

FULL PROGRAMS (Current Waitlistst):
North Madison AM Care

The following schools are close to a waiting list:
Northwood AM Care
Waverly AM Care 

Payment Information

Balance payments are due the Friday prior to the start of the week. Payments may be made online through your Community Pass account. Recurring payments may be setup by the user through your Community Pass account. The Park Office does not store any credit card information.

Setup Automatic Payments During the registration process, a consent form to allow automatic payments may be completed. Once your consent form is completed, you will need to save the credit card to your Community Pass account. (Instructions on how to do so will be sent in an email). Automatic payments will come out on Friday morning the week prior. All other payment information and attendance notifications still apply to individuals signed up for automatic payments. 2020-2021 School Year Automatic Payment Form

Fee Adjustments Adjustments will not be made due to illness, absenteeism or any other reason without a minimum of 10 days prior notice.

Late Payments Individuals that are 2 weeks behind in payment may not attend the program until all prior balances are paid. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please contact the Park Office at (317) 831-7149.

Fee Structure

2020-2021 Registration information will be available after July, once we have more direction from the School Corporation.

The REC&U Fee Structure utilizes a sliding scale based on qualification for the USDA Free & Reduced Lunch Program. (Qualification for the Free & Reduced Lunch program is through the Mooresville Schools and opens around July 10).

2020 - 2021 School Year
Weekly Fees are listed below.

   Tier 1
(Not qualified)
Tier 2
(Reduced Lunch)
Tier 3
(Free Lunch)
Before & After Care      
3, 4, or 5 Days per Week  $65 $49  $33
1 or 2 Days per Week  $34 $26 $17
Before Care ONLY      
3, 4, or 5 Days per Week $45  $34 $23
1 or 2 Days per Week $26 $20 $13
After Care ONLY      
3, 4, or 5 Days per Week $48 $36 $24
1 or 2 Days per Week $25 $26 $17

Registration Fee: Registration $25 per child (once per academic year)


How to setup recurring credit card charges

A new form must be completed each school year.

In order to sign up for weekly Recurring Payment for the REC&U Before and After School Care program, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Community Pass account at
  2. Click on the View Account button
  3. Select Payment Methods
  4. Save the credit card information to your account. Note: The Park Office can only view the last 4 digits of the card number.
  5. Complete the Recurring Credit Card Authorization form and send to our Office Manager, Stacy Freeman

Note: Weekly credit card charges are taken out on Fridaysprior to the week of service. 


2020-2021 Recurring Payment Form

How do I change my attendance plan?

RECU is not a drop-in program. We plan staff ing according to the number of children expected and need to know attendance in advance. While we try to accommodate some flexibilty in schedules (such as T/R week 1, MWF week 2), it is not always possible to do so.

*Due to social distancing and enrollment capacity, some changes may not be able to be made.* Any changes in attendance must be approved in advance.

Please email our Office Manager, Stacy Freeman to change your attendance plan. A minimum 10-day notice is required for all changes.

If you have a consistent alternating schedule, please email Stacy Freeman to arrange the schedule as early as possible.

If you withdraw your child, it is not guaranteed that they will have a spot when you need them to return to the program.


Closings & Delays

CLOSINGS - If a school closes due to any unforeseen circumstance, including COVID-19, RECU will not be offered at that school. Payment adjustments will ONLY be made if school is closed more 

HOLIDAYS - RECU will not be operate on the following holidays:
   Labor Day
   Fall Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Thanksgiving Break
   Winter Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Christmas Eve
   Christmas Day
   New Year's Day
   Martin Luther King Jr Day
   President's Day
   Spring Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Memorial Day

The RECU Before/After School Care program will not be offered during extended school break (Fall, Winter & Spring Breaks) and payments will not be charged during these weeks. 
A School's Out Break Camp will be offered during Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks. Registration is separate from the RECU program and is limited. Due to limited space, the Break Camps are ONLY available to Mooresville School Elementary Students.

DELAYS - The RECU Before School Care program will open at 6:30am on 2-hour delays. Due to limited capacity, this will only be offered to individuals that regularly attend the Before Care program.

Will RECU be offered during eLearning Days?

The RECU program will NOT be offered when school is closed for holidays, weather related closures or eLearning Days.

Weekly fees are based on 1-2 or 3-5 days of attendance.  Refunds and credits are not issued for unforeseen closures (such as weather). When there is a scheduled eLearning Day, the weekly fee will be the same unless it makes the child's anticipated attendance change to less than 3 days that week. Please call the Park Office if you have any questions regarding payments or the amount to be paid weekly.

Will face coverings/masks be required?

YES. Your child will be rquired to have a mask with them at all times (at RECU and at school). We anticipate that there will be times during the RECU program where wearing face coverings will be required. 

Policies regarding face coverings take into account the needs of students with documented medical issues that make the wearing of a face covering inadvisable.

Will kids be divided into groups?

Children will be assigned to the same group and same 'base' location for a week. There will be 15-20 children in a group with a staff member. These groups will remain the same for the week. Requests to be assigned to a specific group, 'home base', or to be grouped with other individuals will not be honored. Staff will remain as consistent as possible.

What activities will the kids participate in?

RECU and the activities that we participate in will look different this year. We understand that playgrounds and other 'active' areas may be closed and occasionally not available for use to the RECU participants. The staff leaders will have on-going training on activities that can be modified while social distancing as well as projects that can be done in small groups while spread out at different 'home base' locations throughout the school.

We will do our best to offer fun, creative, engaging activities to the children, but please understand that this will not be the same RECU as offered before. We strive to offer a safe and healthy environment but realize it is a major change not only to the kids but also to our staff. The RECU program and its staff will continue to focus on providng quality childcare while being positive role models and providing a safe, encouraging environment for the children in the program.

How will you deal with a sick child?

Children that are sick should not come to the program.

Any child that has had a fever of 100.4 or higher must stay home until they are fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.

*If a child does not meet qualifications to attend school, they may not attend the RECU program.

Should a child feel ill during the program, the RECU staff will screen for illness by:
1. Separate the child from the group and ask them what hurts (stomach, headache, etc.)
2. Take the child's temperature and look for visible symptoms
3. Staff will supervise youth until the end of the program day (start of school or picked up by an authorized adult).

If a child vomits or has a temperature, a parent/guardian will be called to request immediate pick-up.

If a child is not feeling well before school, the school nurse (or school office) will be notified at the beginning of the school day.


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