CLOSINGS - If a school closes due to any unforeseen circumstance, RECU will not be offered at that school. 

2021-2022 SCHEDULE
RECU will be CLOSED the following days:
September 6 - Labor Day
September 15 - eLearning Day
October 8 thru 15 - Fall Break (a separate Fall Break Camp will be offered)
November 17 - eLearning Day
November 24 thru 26 - Thanksgiving Break
December 22 thru Jan 4 - Winter Break (a separate Winter Break Camp will be offered)
January 17 - Martin Luther King Jr Day
February 9 - eLearning Day
February 21 - President's Day
March 18 thru 25 Spring Break (a separate Spring Break Camp will be offered)
April 13 - eLearning Day

GENERAL HOLIDAYS - RECU will not be operate on the following holidays:
   Labor Day
   Fall Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Thanksgiving Break
   Winter Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Christmas Eve
   Christmas Day
   New Year's Day
   Martin Luther King Jr Day
   President's Day
   Spring Break (see Extended Break Info below)
   Memorial Day

The RECU Before/After School Care program will not be offered during extended school break (Fall, Winter & Spring Breaks) and payments will not be charged during these weeks. 
A School's Out Break Camp will be offered during Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks. Registration is separate from the RECU program and is limited. Due to limited space, the Break Camps are ONLY available to Mooresville School Elementary Students.

DELAYS - The RECU Before School Care program will open at 6:30am on 2-hour delays. Due to limited capacity, this will only be offered to individuals that regularly attend the Before Care program.


Mooresville Park & Recreation District
1101 N. Indianapolis Road
Mooresville, IN 46158


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Park Fax 317-831-9569
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Park Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7am - 4pm