2023 Summer Registration begins Monday, April 3 at 8 am

2023 Information
Registration: Begins April 3 at 8 am online and in the Park Office
Fees: Brown Township Residents $70/session Non-Residents $79/session

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  • Swim Lessons fees are per session, per person. Lessons cannot be pro-rated for any reason.
  • Swim Lessons are two weeks, Monday through Friday, for 30 minutes each day.
  • Lessons are held on all days, including holidays, rain or shine.
  • If lightning is detected, all students will be offered a dry class.
  • If the air temperature is below 60 degrees, a dry class alternative will be offered to participants whose parents choose not to have their children get in the water (All pools are heated).
  • Water Babies and Water Tots are parent-tot classes. An adult must accompany the child in the water for these levels. There is no cost for the adult to attend the class.
  • To maximize time with your child, anyone not registered for the class will be asked to stay in the designated swim lessons area (including parents). Parents are invited to the pool deck / poolside each Friday to see their child's progress.
  • We do not allow flotation devices during swim lessons in the pool. We will have a lifejacket day for each level. Goggles are acceptable but will not be loaned to anyone that forgets them.
  • Please know it is common for children to repeat levels before demonstrating each skill (and we encourage it!) It is not important how quickly they move through the program but that they master each skill within the level.

Registration for Swim Lessons may be done online or in the Park Office. Please note that online registration closes one week before the start of classes. Registration is available in person at the Park Office until the session begins.

Swim Lesson Level Descriptions 

Water Babies - Familiarize babies ages six mo. - 17 months with the water. Class is with a parent/guardian. Held in Zero Depth Training Pool.

Water Tots (18 months - 35 months) participants with parent/guardian becoming familiar with the water in the Training Pool.

Tadpoles (Ages 3-5) Preschool with parent/guardian for the first half of the session. The child has not taken lessons before and may display a fear of the water or separation anxiety. Held in Zero Depth Training Pool.

Guppies (Ages 3-5) Preschool Beginner. The child has not taken lessons before or needs assistance in the water. Held in Zero Depth Training Pool

Dolphins (Ages 3-5) Preschool Advanced Beginner. The child is comfortable going underwater but may need some assistance in the water. Held in Zero Depth Training Pool

Level 1 (Ages 6 and up) Child is new to swim lessons or has completed the Dolphin Class.

Level 2 (Ages 6 and up) Child is comfortable on his/her front and back but may still need some assistance in the water.

Level 3 (Ages 6 and up) Has successfully completed Level 2, comfortable going underwater; can swim with no assistance on front and back.

Level 4 (Ages 6 and up) Has successfully completed level 3, can swim half a pool on their own; knows freestyle, elementary backstroke, backstroke, and breaststroke.

Level 5 (Ages 6 and up) Has successfully completed level 4, can swim the full length of the pool; knows freestyle, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke. Focuses on stroke refinement.

Level 6 - Water Safety (Ages 6 and up) Has completed Level 5, completing a consecutive 200-yard swim.

Level 6 - Intro to Diving Has successfully completed level 5